Posted in Real Estate
February 11, 2018

Things to Do Before Deciding to Sell Your Home 

Deciding to sell your home needs a lot of time for reflection. Whatever your reasons may be, you know it is the best choice for you and your family right now. Selling a home is not just putting it up for sale and waiting for the right buyer to come along and give you your asking price. There are a lot of things needed to be done before you put it up for sale to increase the chances of getting it sold fast at a price you want.  

Here are the things you need to do before deciding to sell your home. 

Clean and De-clutter 

You will need to clean your house. This means throwing out the defective things you’ve been keeping for a long time that its only purpose is to collect dust. Decide with finality which ones go directly to the trash bin and which ones you can still sell, even for a measly sum. This is also the time to clean your lawn so as to make your house look appealing from the outside. From here on out, you must be careful in adding things that take up too much space so as to help you clear your house.  

Repair and Repaint 

Identify the fixtures that need to be fixed or replaced. Everything must be in a good working condition so as to help you achieve your asking price. This is also the perfect time to apply a fresh coat of paint or replace damaged wallpapers so as to make your house look new from the inside. 

Home Inspection 

Once you have everything all sorted out, it’s time for another set of eyes to take a closer look at your property. A professional home inspector will give you an unbiased report about the true state of things. Look at the report to check if there are things that you might have overlooked that needs urgent repairs. Doing nothing can seriously hurt your chances of getting your house sold at a price you want. You’ll be left with no choice but to settle for a lower price. Are you fine with that? 

Evaluate the home inspection report 

Use the home inspection report to prioritize the things that need to be replaced, repaired or upgraded. The report will usually come with options you can choose from to address the problem and how much it will cost you and its overall impact on your asking price. 

Home Appraisal 

The home appraisal is another form of inspection that will let you know the fair market value of your house. This is crucial as it will help you set a realistic selling price that will lure interested parties in making an offer to buy your house.  

Hire an Agent or decide to sell it yourself (FSBO) 

The last step is to decide whether you need an agent’s help in selling your house or not. Hiring an agent can speed up the whole process but you’ll have to pay them a commission if they can successfully sell your house. If you really need the money, you can also decide to sell it yourself by way of For Sale By Owner (FSBO).