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February 17, 2018

Steps to Prepare Your Home for a Home Inspection

As a home seller, your goal is to pass home inspection with few negative remarks so that you can get a better value for your house. Getting ready for inspection is the best way to prevent future problems. Here are some tips to get ready for home inspection: 


1.Clean the house 

Many home inspectors ask the buyer to be around from start to finish during the inspection. If they will come to your house and your room is a big mess, it will decrease the interest of the buyer. At the same time, an unclean washington dc luxury real estate will make it difficult for the inspector to check what he needs to examine. Just to be safe, clean all areas of the house properly before the inspector arrives. 

2.Come early 

Most home inspectors are on time. Ready your house before the time he sets in his appointment request. If his schedule is at 9:00 a.m., be home at 8:30 a.m. By doing this, you still have time to do last minute preparation including opening the window to let the sunlight in and to eliminate the unwanted smell inside the house. Inspectors commonly start their routine by examining the exteriors. You don’t like to see them checking-out your garden while you are just arriving.  

3.Make sure all utilities are connected 


The inspector will check for the functionality of the appliances and facilities. Make sure that these are on: air conditioning unit, dishwasher, and stove. Keep the main switch on as the inspector needs to check receptacles for grounding and reverse polarity. He will also check for the water pressure, leaks from pipes, and if the faucets are working so make sure that the water source is open. 

4.Keep pilot lights ignited 

Home inspectors don’t like to touch the pilot lights because their insurance doesn’t cover such risk. If your pilot lights are not lit, the inspector will not be able to check the water heater and the gas stove which will cause a delay in closing the sale since the inspection is not completed. It can also mean that the inspector will come back for the second time and thebuyer will need to pay extra for his next visit. 

5.Make all areas accessible 

The inspector will most likely cover all part of the Washington DC luxury real estate including hard-to-reach spaces such as the attic and the garage. Leave the access to these areas open.